Platform Engineer

What we’re looking for:

Someone who can help us help our customers. As part of this job, you’ll be working both as a consultant towards (or at) our customers, but you’ll also be building internal tools and platforms.


  • Previous experience with Kubernetes, both in public clouds and on-prem.
  • Deep knowledge within cloud-native infrastructure. You’re comfortable with a lot of the following stack: K3S, Helm, Cilium, Pomerium, Zitadel, PostgreSQL, DGraph, Redpanda, Grafana, Prometheus, Tempo, Mimir, OpenTelemetry, ArgoCD, Tekton, Minio, Gitea, Trivy
  • Well versed in container based virtualization, like Docker and Podman.
  • Extensive Linux knowledge.

We can offer:

  • High psychological safety
  • Chaos (innovation, learning and experimentation)
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Near-zero tolerance for bureaucracy, bottlenecks, SAFe, or really any type of waste
  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose

We work with startups and scaleups, mostly in-house, and always as part of a team.

If you’re still learning - let’s talk anyway.

Reach out

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